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Here’s a guide for your Visual Composer plugin navigation interface. All Visualmodo WordPress Theme comes with the best Drag & Drop Page Builder WordPress plugin. Called Visual Composer so you can make your page layout in a simple way. Directly on your site front-end.

Navigation Interface Visual Composer - Visualmodo

New to Visual Composer? So, learn how to navigate across Visual Composer interface on your WordPress site. In this tutorial we will explain the navigation interface. See some great features of visual composer WordPress plugin. In addition, become more familiar with it’s panel.

Start building your pages, moreover, you will see how to use the page builder on your site front-end area. So you will add new elements and see the result immediately. For more Visual Composer WordPress plugin guides please go to the developer’s documentation website. Finally, if you want extra WordPress learning material you can check our YouTube channel.

In conclusion, this plugin it’s easy to use and have two page building systems. The Front-end page builder and the Back-end. As a result, the front-end shows the final page, directly on the site visitor view. Moreover, the back-end that shows the page structure in the WordPress page editor. Finally, you’re totally free to decide the best option for your website creation process and adoption. Remember to check the video guides and feel free to contact us if you have any question.

Visual Composer WordPress Plugin Navigation Interface – Visualmodo WordPress Themes

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