WordPress Sub-Menus and Drop-Downs

In this tutorial on visualmodo knowledge base we show how to use and customize the WordPress Sub-Menus and Drop-Downs menu items using our amazing WordPress themes in an easy way with our visualmodo menu system. A sub-menu or drop-down menu appears when you have some pages under the main menu item layout and your hover this main page item on the navigation menu as is show on the image above, while hovering the ‘PORTFOLIO’ navigation menu item and drop-down appear.

For a better start point please make sure your already build your ‘main menu’ following this other guide on our knowledge-base https://visualmodo.com/knowledgebase/edit-wordpress-navigation-menu/

How to build a simple menu item drop-down?

For build a simple menu drop down you just need to go on your wp dashboard > appearance > menus > create the menu and simple drag / drop the menu items under the main navigation menu page as is shown on the attach image above. NOTE: Make sure you click on ‘Save Menu’ button to save your changes.

How to build columns in sub-menus?

For this column layout you will need to have other page items under the sub-menu pages as is shown on the attach image below.

After you have built the menu design with sub-items you will need to click on the main ‘navigation menu item’ arrow to open the menu item editor.









Once you open the menu item editor you will see the entire menu item custom options, please change the option for ‘1/2 – one / half’ under the ‘Columns Width’ tab.

How to add background image on WordPress sub-menu?

For this you just need to get / copy the image url you have uploaded under your WordPress > media library < area and post it on the menu item editor ‘Submenu Background Image’ area.

How to enable a full drop-down menu area? (Mega Menu)

Select the ‘mega menu drop-down’ under ‘drop down type’ menu item editor field.

You also can add icons for the menu sub-item or for the main navigation menu items using the code under the ‘icon’ field: icon-plus – icon-name. You can call widgets on the sub-menu area under the ‘custom widget area’ field (this will call the widgets add on WP > appearance > widgets < widget tab area.  Can change the standard drop-down position (left / right).

WordPress Sub-Menus and Drop-Downs – Visualmodo

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