How to use oAuth Twitter Feed WordPress Plugin


In this tutorial on Visualmodo knowledge base, we will show how to connect your WordPress to Twitter plugin using oAuth Twitter Feed WordPress Plugin

To connect your WordPress with twitter you need to install a free WordPress plugin on your site, oAuth Twitter Feed for Developers one You can simply install the plugin using the one-click theme install, when you activate any of our visualmodo WordPress themes on your site you will see a message at the top of your WordPress dashboard asking for you install all the theme suggested plugin, this is one of them, or you can install it in a normal way, by going on your dashboard “Plugins’ and search for the plugin name. First of all, to put their latest tweets on your website you need to create an access key, Twitter requires that each has its own key. Login first twitter usually (on twitter what you want appears on your site. Then click this URL

Now you are in the area for developers twitter. Look at the top right of your screen, hover the picture and a menu will appear, click on ‘My applications’. Then click on ‘Create a new application’ now register your application by following the steps indicated by twitter. Now after you have created your application you back in ‘my application’ click on your application and down the screen to where it is written ‘create my access token after that you go on the third tab. ‘OAuth tool’ and there you will find the necessary URLs for you to add fields in the widget to get your twitter on your website. You put the codes that you got on Twitter on your, wp-settings, twitter feed. Also, you will need to have installed and actives the plugin oAuth Twitter Feed for Developers This video above help you more.

You’ll get this API tokens info on Twitter, and will enter this info on your WordPress > Dashboard > Settings > Twitter Feed Auth < just like the image below shows.

Latest Tweets Widget

After you enter with your Twitter API token info on the plugin settings you just need to go: WordPress dashboard > Appearance > Widgets > Drag the ‘Latest Tweets’ widget to sidebar or footer tabs and drop there just like the image below shows.

Twitter Feed Auth - Footer Widget
Twitter Feed Auth – Footer Widget


The finak result on the site front-end will look like the image below.

Twitter Feed Auth - Widget On Footer
Twitter Feed Auth – Widget On Footer

Tweets Slider

With our themes you have an element on your page builder called ‘Tweets’ after you activate this plugin and get your API key on your site this element will start to work, all you need to do is log in to your WordPress dashboard, go to ‘Pages’ Add New’ click on the page builder button and click on ‘add element’ button, select the ‘Tweets’ element, a window will open to you type your twitter username and save it.

Twitter Feed Auth - Twitter Slider Page Builder Element - Editor
Twitter Feed Auth – Twitter Slider Page Builder Element – Editor


With this element, you will be able to add an element that will look like this one (scroll down the page) In fitness, edge gym or zenith you can use the widget (like in all the visualmodo themes) or apply on pages in this way

Twitter Feed Auth - Twitter Slider Page Builder Element
Twitter Feed Auth – Twitter Slider Page Builder Element


How to connect your site with twitter with oAuth Twitter Feed for Developers plugin using our WordPress themes – By Visualmodo

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